What we're doing and Why we're doing it


Our Mission

Our mission is to create multimedia content that provides a narrative for social change. By specifically focusing on the historical narratives of underserved communities, this content will archive endangered historical narratives in order to promote education of future generations about the history of their communities. Through the creation of this content and facilitation of educational workshops and initiatives, The Shared Divide will amplify the voices within these communities while also engaging others in a dialogue that they feel they can contribute to in a positive way.

Our goals are: 

  • To create arts-related products, including film, articles and interactive multimedia, that provide a narrative for social change
  • To archive endangered historical narratives in order to promote education of future generations about the history of their communities, particularly in communities lacking representation in historical archives
  • To educate, promote and foster community understanding and recording of histories to contribute to local archives through workshops and educational initiatives


About Us

For such different people, we couldn’t have more in common. We both (somehow) graduated from Duke University this past spring. Isabel majored in History and Markets and Management studies; Lauren majored in Visual Media Studies with a certificate in Documentary Studies and a minor in Cultural Anthropology.

We have a shared passion for creatively exploring personal narratives and sharing them through film. Despite coming from different academic backgrounds, we share a similar outlook on humanity and a desire to explore it. We both love connecting with diverse individuals, hearing their stories and finding creative ways to share them with others. As a team, we complete every phase of production together. From creative brainstorms to editing to grant-writing, we are constantly developing our ideas and work in tandem. Through our work as a production team, we have discovered that our two heads work better than one.


Stay Connected

While our work is about making documentaries and telling incredible stories, it is also about sharing those stories and this experience with as many people as possible. We’ll do our best to keep our posts quick and entertaining, and give you a glimpse into the work we’re doing. We really hope that you’ll enjoy keeping up with this adventure and will stay tuned for updates.