1:45 am: Arriving 3 hours late in Lima to be greeted by 10 members of ZZ's family

2 am: Piling everyone into a cargo van using suitcases as seats. Don't worry mom and dad, we were given the two seats with seat belts!


3 am: A late night home cooked Peruvian meal of Lomo Saltado. YUMMMM

4 am: Bedtime


7 am: Waking up to a man screaming outside the window. Turns out he was just selling milk and tamales, not crying out for help. 

10:30 am: Our first breakfast in Lima with even more family members, including this little green guy! hey Harli!


12 pm: Let the gift giving begin! Time to unpack ZZ's 5 ginormous suitcases of goodies for the family. 


We're having the best time so far! Everyone in ZZ's family has been so welcoming and has made us feel right at home. Can't wait to see what the rest of the day has in store!