When we arrived at the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we could not have anticipated the journey we were about to experience. We said goodbye to the family back in Florida, checked ZZ's 5 heavy bags full of clothing for her family, and boarded the plane. 2 hours later, we were still on the ground. Eventually we were told that there were "technical difficulties" and that we would have to switch planes. Luckily they found us a working plane, and we made it to the Lima airport in the early hours of the morning.

Our late arrival didn't keep over 10 of ZZ's family members from welcoming us to Peru. We stepped into arrivals to be bombarded by what felt like infinite Peruvian hugs and kisses. It was unbelievable and overwhelming to see just how important ZZ's arrival was to the whole family and how eager they were to see her again after 5 years since her last visit. I don't think either of us will ever forget the sight of a dozen Peruvians welcoming us at the airport and proceeding to pile into a cargo van on top of suitcases. What a ride it was! Check out the video to see for yourself!!!!